Sport as a vaccine

With the patternship of women will AKWOS was able to organize a training on digital story telling. The participals were 13 from different countries ....More

Differents Discipline

Akwos organized the Launch of women participation in sports of different Disciplines according to the choice of each individual.There was cyclism football .....More

On 8th /03/2015

On 8th /03/2015 akwos in pattenship with the Rwanda National Olympic and sports commite sports event on the theme BREAK THE SCIENCE, AGANS SEXUAL ABUSE....More


AKWOS Mission is: “To Empower East-African Women, starting from Rwanda, through Sports and Education. By doing so, AKWOS will contribute to the alleviation of poverty , HIV/AIDS prevention and improving the well-being of women and girls in East-Africa, and in the Rwandan society in particular..

Since its inception AKWOS has registered a number of achievements despite cultural and social barriers to women participation in sports .

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AKWOS Founder
RWEMARIKA , is the founder of Organisation of Kigali Women in Sports.More
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