RNGOF on Aids and Health promotion

Rwemarika Felicite was elected on 29th september 2015 as the Chairperson of the Rwanda NGO Forum on HIV & Health promotion,which has the mission to coordinate ,promote 'evaluates and monitors the civil society organizations activities that fight HIV and Aid.

She was invited to participate for the signing ceremony of the Paris Declaration by the Mayor of Kigali city and Mr Sidibe Michel the UNAIDS Executive Director on the following commitments :

  1. End the Aids epidemic in cities by 2030,
  2. Put people at the centre of everything we do.
  3. Address the causes of risk ,vulnerability and transmission,
  4. Use our AIDS response for positive social transformation,
  5. build and accelerate an appropriate response to local needs ;
  6. mobilizations resources for integrated public health and development
  7. unite as Leaders.

After the ceremony the Director of UNAIDS Rwanda organized a meeting with the CSO'S ,this was time to appreciate his visit and discused on the Experience and challenges that are faced during the implementation to end the HIV Epidermic. We appreciated the UNAIDS Rwanda that made the meeting a success and extended our greatest gratitude to Sidibe Michel by giving him a gift for remembrance.

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